If Its For You - TheOvertunes


Lirik lagu If Its For You

I am walking alone, and I'm lonely and I don't know,
If I'm going to the right way
Cause everybody has left me know which way they're going
But I know that they won't accept me
But the wind,The wind is blowing against me
And the rain, the rain keeps on fallin
But if its for you
It is for you
Then I'm okay
I've spent too much time believing in my dreams
But now I know I'm going nowhere
The time keeps passing by,
The path I take is one solid rock,
Now blends with the dirt
And all the lights,the lights are dying
And the picture of you is fading
But I'll be remembering you
I'll be remembering you
And I will never give up, never give in,
I'll keep walking, running, and shouting your name
(yeah I will never stop)
Cause it is for you, it is for you
So I'll be remembering you
I'll be remembering you

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